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Halloween fun at MindMaze!

All you need to do it, to book a game on 31st October or 1st November, dress

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You’re about to visit Prague - Here’s what you need to know

Do you know what is the currency or whether you need visa to visit the marvelous Czech Republic or not? Can you drink the tap water there?

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Muiriosa G

"Great team bonding activitiy"

2015. március 5.

This was a very entertaining and enjoyable activitiy. Each member of the team had their own eureka moment. The sense of achievement at the end will keep you on an adrenaline high for the remainder of the day. Lots of laughter. Well worth going. Tricky to find the building but that's just the warm up :)

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Vojta S

"MindMaze as team building"

2014. november 6.

MindMaze was really great. We went there with my colleagues as part of team building and truly enjoyed the whole thing. As you discover one piece of mistery after another you are being drawn into it. MindMaze crew was good too, they provide you clear and helpful advices if necessary but you have to think about it nonetheless. I would try other room any time. Thank you :)

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"Great team building experience with my colleagues!"

2014. december 15.

Visiting of Mindmaze was the beginning of our company christmas party and I have to say that we could not start the evening better! Mindmaze was a really good choice. The good cooperation between us during the game proofed that we are really good team, that´s why Mindmaze is a great way of teambuilding. Even thought some of my colleagues have not been so excited about going to Mindmaze (because they couldn´t really imagine what to expect) after the game they have changed their mind :) and we are planning to visit the second room soon!

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"The perfect team building activity"

2014. augusztus 15.

The funniest hour I've spent in Prague! Did this with a couple of friends back in July and it was totally worth every Czech crown. It's just perfect for team building because you need to cooperate with all your team members to retrieve the Philosopher's Stone within one hour. There's a possibility to receive hints from the kind supervisor(s). I would recommend this Mindmaze to everybody!

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Robert C

"Best tackled with a clear mind."

2015. május 10.

Three of us rather unadvisedly took a morning slot after a heavy night. It took about 15 minutes to figure out how to get into the building, but once in, we were greeted by some charming and patient staff who told us what it was all about, and then locked us in the Enigma Room. I'd like to say we aced it, but instead let ourselves down by swarming around the room rather haphazardly and finding but not using a really important set of keys. Anyway it's a great concept; It's an immaculately presented collection of props and puzzles, coherently linked together.

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"Had a great time against my will"

2015. május 11.

Went to this with Robert C who has also 5 starred this. The klutz decided that after a heavy night on the town the night before he'd book us in for a 10 O'clock slot so an enforced route march, no breakfast and a hangover was our base on which we built our attempt at the Enigma room. I had no idea what to expect and wasn't really listening to the instructions so my search for "blue footprints" was never going to happen. However, we did manage to escape from prison at which point we should have retired with dignity! This was well put together and I hate to say, good fun as I was dragged there..... Meanwhile if you have Robert C in your team and you ask him if he has used the key you just found for him don't believe him when he says it doesn't open anything!!!!

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Leo B

"If you liked the DaVinci Code, you'll love this!"

2014. június 10.

My mother, cousin and I took the MindMaze challenge and we loved it! I booked it simply from the great TA reviews and told them nothing except that I had a "surprise" activity in store for them while in Prague. Actually, it was a surprise for me too, as the reviews don't (and shouldn't!) go into detail. An aura of mystery added to the fun. My mom (72 yrs) can't stop talking about how much fun it was. My cousin got onboard after it was about halfway through (I think she thought we'd be having some kind of strange seance ha ha ha which it was not of course ha ha)

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Claudia M

"Mindmaze was awesome"

2014. október 5.

I (25) booked mindmaze as a surprise for my mum (54) and my little sister (16), when we were in prague. As we arrived, we were totally anxious and nervous. But the mindmaze staff was very nice and friendly. As soon as we were in the alchemist chamber the challenge started. Absolutly mindblowing. The hints are challenging and loooots of fun. You don't need any special skills as you might think. It's just lots of mindpuzzles and logical thinking. We made it out in 53minutes. Mindmaze made our day. So let's book the mindmaze adventure in advance and experience a a hole new kind of interactive games.

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"Thrilling fun for all ages"

2015. január 8.

Just completed the Mindmaze with our high school group. We split up into 3 groups so we did all rooms. Each group barely solved each room in time. All of the students and teachers indicated that it was fun and stimulating. We all would definitely go back. Staff was friendly and as helpful as we needed them to be. Location was 5 minutes from tram.

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Diana S

"We loved it !"

2015. február 2.

something a little different for us with an 11 year old boy and my mother of 80 this kept us all entertained, the first challenge is to find the building once thats done you enter an old apartment building and find your way downstairs.... for the children particularly it was one of their Prague highlights. We did manage to"escape" but only just and with a bit of help with the clues from our guide who pointed us in the right direction...dont want to give too much away but we loved it as we are not aware of anything like this in the UK, think Crystal Maze meets Harry Potter meets logic games !! about £35 for the hours game , this covers up to 5 people so would be expensive for 2 but great value for 4 or 5 !

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Tim Y

"Even fun for oldies!"

2014. március 11.

We are a not so young couple who recall on Crystal Maze on UK television. This is a great fun hour where we worked hard to solve the clues, some easier than others. Well recommended after a day out and before dinner...a great talking point afterwards. We almost succeeded!

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"All ages enjoyed this"

2015. június 28.

Our family of 10, ranging from age 4 to 66 all enjoyed the Alchemist's Chamber. We used two rooms and split our group up. The puzzles and clues were great fun and Tony and Rebecca were quite attentive, offering clues if we wanted them. Really fun and a great value

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"Family friendly and a highlight for all!"

2014. június 2.

We had little idea what to expect, which made this all the more delightful for our family. Our almost 3year old boy played with the props while our 9 and 11year old girls helped us escape. Everyone was fully engaged and contributed to our success. It was the perfect break from the historical sightseeing and perfect for the rainy afternoon. The girls wanted to go for another hour straight away. We're looking forward to our next visit!

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"excellent experience with young kids - to be recommended"

2014. augusztus 18.

first experience of exit room for us this has been a great moment! Our kids (7,5 and 5) just loved it as well, looking after any objects they could see and trying to solve puzzle, find keys and interact with our new findings. If kids are interested in puzzles and enigmas, they will be involved from first minute. Staff is great, they gave us 2 hints durign the hour in orde to let us evolve when they understood we were stuck (in fact, busy on wrong directions..). we managed to exit the room in less than 1 hour safely :) be sure to check availability prior to your trip, do not miss this amazing game!

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"MindMaze is awesome, said my 10 year old son."

2014. augusztus 22.

We parents have to agree. It was an interesting team building exercise, I strongly recommend it. We had a slight problem with the audio coming into the room but that did not stop the fun. We would come again to the new rooms, still undergoing construction, if we come back to Prague. Our host, Cate, was very welcoming and timely with her interventions. In summary, don't miss it.

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Jennifer L

"Family fun that even teenagers think is cool"

2015. április 25.

Great concept... actually engages the whole family... great mix of skill and suspense. The facilitators did a great job of giving hints as needed to keep it fun... but leaving the challenge intact. Thanks!

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Rhys A

"Great family fun on a snowy afternoon!"

2015. április 2.

We were unable to do our planned zoo trip and were looking for entertainment on a cold,wet afternoon to include adults and a 10 and 12 year old. Decided to give this a go and were not disappointed. Great 'teambuilding' fun for the whole family; we all worked together finding different clues to solve the puzzle. Great sense of accomplishment when we completed it and our ten year old wanted to try another one straight away! Thoroughly recommended as both a family activity or for groups of adults. Good facilities, friendly staff! Perhaps not for very young children though.

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"Great fun, break for kids from sightseeing"

2015. október 19.

We spent an hour at MindMaze during a recent weekend trip to Prague. We played the Alchemists chamber, which was frustrating, but great fun with us all working together as s team. The kids loved it, and for them it was a welcome break from all the historical sightseeing!

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Ingrid P

"Wonderful plan for families with children"

2015. október 26.

I visited Praga in the company of my family. We have young children and on the second day they were tired of the city and wanted to stay in the hotel. We visited this wonderful place and their trip experience totally changed. We had a great time. All of us actively participate trying to find the "philosophical stone". I highly recommend the MindMaze in Prague. Specially if you are in a trip with young children.

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"Outstanding Time with my Teenage Children"

2016. április 2.

This was our first trip to Prague and I wanted to do something fun with my 17 year old daughter and almost 15 year old son. We signed up for both the Enigma and the Alchemist Chamber. Both adventures were a lot more mentally challenging than we thought they would be, but they were also a tremendous amount of fun for us, and the staff was outstanding with their helpful hints when requested. I will absolutely recommend MindMaze Prague to all of my friends and colleagues for any visit to Prague as it one of the best highlights of our trip!

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"WOW.....Just feel like crazy excited!!!!"

2014. március 20.

My friends and I were deaf which I thought it is impossible helpful because of the sound. So, I emailed them and they can help us easily. When we went there and they gave some papers to read instructions. Then we played it and we made it! We love it! Staffs are very nice and helpful!!! I love this game and I want to come back to play again!!! Give me a harder!!!! Oh Yeah!!!!

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"I felt the excitement of playing like a child again!"

2014. augusztus 29.

We were a group of 4 trying the new prototype room with a IIWW atmosphere. We could complete the challenge and I had one of the funnest hours that I've had in a long time. Not only the game was brilliantly designed (a lot of skills that have been rusty for a while will be playing an important role), but also the props were selected carefully and gave you exactly the feel the designers wanted to give you. The staff was superfriendly and were very interested in our feedback. They listened with attention to our evaluations and were happy to hear our ideas. I wish the guys the best, because I think every single person who likes 'playing' can have an amazing time enjoying in one of Mindmaze's rooms. I am a foreigner living in Prague and I would definitely recommend this experience to any friends visiting.

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Eli O

"Great Escape Room with Awesome Atmosphere"

2015. május 15.

We've had some escape room experience before these two rooms and after, and these remain probably the two best rooms we did so far. Everything is very well built and thought of. The design and atmosphere is great and adds a lot to the experience. The general feeling was that these rooms are very accurate, and that this is how escape rooms should be build. We've started with the Alchemist room, and once done with immediately booked for the WWII room for the next day. Highly recommended!

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"High standard escape game"

2015. július 18.

We work for different escape games in France, and decided to play the Enigma room at Mind Maze during our stay in Prague. The game play and the design of the room were both very elaborate. The experience was really immersive because we had to manipulate objects that we are not used to in our daily life. Understanding how they worked and trying to connect them was a very thrilling challenge. We highly recommend MindMaze :)

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Tomas R

"Tightly designed and interesting"

2015. december 20.

As a regular visitor of escape room puzzles I was delighted to try out both Alchemyst's chamber and Enigma rooms (the latter being more difficult than Alchemyst). Starting from the room design, props, puzzles and ending with the staff's approach, everything was at the highest desired level. Can't do else than give both thumbs up!

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Hamza M

"Mindblowing experience"

2016. február 22.

Just perfect to have fun with friends, Enigma was really cool, you have to use your brain and teamwork to achieve your goal ! The staff is amazing, always here to help you, to make sure everything was okay. I had an amazing experience with them, you HAVE to try it !

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Locked in… the bathroom!

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Family fun that even teenagers thinks it’s cool!

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