Escape room for kids? Yes! Get ready for school with an exit game adventure!

The first week of school is a big change. For everyone involved. Kids, parents and even teachers. Suddenly, the days aren’t as adventurous and exciting as they were during summer, the weather is rather tricky and your old pal Alarm Clock is back in town... Luckily, there’s something you can do to lighten the mood! Play escape games! And here's why you should find the time to do so.


Getting back on track with the school responsibilities can be challenging. There’s a schedule to stick to and many classes to be prepared for. From this point of view the first weeks of school can be a struggle. But fear not, the fun isn’t over! Come to MindMaze Prague and play an exit game! It’s a fun activity which makes everyone use their brain: you have to pay attention, solve logical problems, be creative and persistent - these skills certainly come in handy at school!


Playing escape room is a fun team building for the whole family. Take your loved ones, walk through the door and enter a new world. A world where you don’t have to worry about everyday things, where you can just unleash your imagination and creativity and have a jolly time together. In there, you’re a team: talk to each other, share ideas and findings and cooperate to get out in time! Learn how well you work under the pressure of a ticking clock!


In an escape game, a great variation of puzzles and tasks is waiting for you! There’s something for everyone! Small kids are usually excellent at searching for clues and finding useful objects while bigger ones can decipher the more mysterious riddles. However, some will require all of you to work together if you want to solve them! Therefore, escape games are great fun for the whole family! Oh, and even teenagers think it’s cool - we can confirm that! Bonus You'll look badass when you solve the puzzles. ;) Are you ready for the adventure?