Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need any language knowledge to play MindMaze escape room games?

You can communicate before and during the game with our game operators in English or Czech languages.
For the game Galactic Pioneers and Nautilus games you need knowledge of Czech or English language.
However for the Alchemist Chamber and Enigma games do not require language knowledge. If you are foreigner and you are playing which children whos language skills might not be perfect we recommend to choose from these 2 games.

How can I change the date or the time of my reservation?

There is a possibility to change your booking details or cancel the reservation. Please get in touch with us via email at or over the phone on the number +420 773 044 318

How many people can play in my team?

The recommended number of people for a game depends on the selected game. For Alchemist Chamber and Enigma the recommended number of players is 2-5 people, for Nautilus is 2-6 and for Galactic Pioneers it is 3-6 players. Galactic Pioneers is our most challanging game, there fore we recommend the minimum of 3 players. However if you are a seasoned escape room player, you can try to solve it in just 2 as well - it will be challenging, but certainly fun!
If you would like to play with one additional player above the recommended number it is possible. But more people than that would not feel comfortable during the game due to the limited space and less effective cooperation. Therefore we recommend to split in 2 or 3 smaller groups and play at the same time in multiple rooms.

What is the difficulty of the MindMaze escape games?

Our most challenging escape game adventure is Galactic Pioneers, so if you are looking for difficulty, go for it. The rest of our games are similar in diffuclty, but the style of the games are different. Nautilus is narrative driven and funny, the Alchemist chamber is more about mysteries and associations, while Enigma is action oriented but you will need some coding skills as well. We recommend you to choose the theme closest to your heart and go with the flow!

How early should we arrive before the game starts?

Please show-up 10 minutes before your game is scheduled. This is enough time to make yourself comfortable (e.g.: lock your bags and belongings in our locker, use bathroom, etc) and go through the introduction of the game.

Which MindMaze escape game should I play?

MindMaze has been offering unforgettable escape room games for more than 6 years in Prague; from high-tech escape game adventures for enthusiasts to classic exit games for beginners. We offer a battle escape game option for big teams and exit games for kids. If you are not sure, which game to play, please contact us via email at or over the phone on the number +420 773 044 318. We will be happy to help!

What is the recommended clothing for the exit games?

Dress to feel comfortable to move around, but there are no special requirements! However if you wear glasses, dont forget them home.

Are MindMaze escape games scary?

We do not operate horror or scary games. There might be suspense or some tension, but do not expect and jumpscare or blood. We believe that we can make fun and exciting experiences without scaring anybody.


How can I purchase a gift voucher?

Please visit our webshop where you can buy MindMaze exit game vouchers easily with a few clicks and pay online. You can get the downloadable option that is ready to print immediately or choose from different delivery option or select personal pick-up.
We also offer exclusive gift boxes that are much more than just a voucher. Each gift box has a thematical design, that contains handpicked gift items and a unique voucher designs. Each of them makes a very special gift for an unforgettable experience!

What is the expiration date of MindMaze vouchers?

The MindMaze gift vouchers has no expiration date - you can use it any time you want!

How can I validate my gift voucher?

You can validate your gift voucher during the reservation process. There is a special filed dedicated to voucher code. Our reservation system check the code and update the reservation price accordingly. We kindly ask you to please bring the voucher with you when you come to play the game.

My voucher code does not seem to work, what shall I do?

If you have any problem validating your voucher code please contact us via email at or over the phone on the number +420 773 044 318. We will be happy to help!


Can children play MindMaze escape games?

Yes, children from the age of 6-7 years can already enjoy the game and participate in solving some puzzles. However adult supervision is required below the age of 12.

What is the recommended age for MindMaze exit games?

Children from the age of 6-7 years can already enjoy the game however, adult supervision is required below the age of 12. And there’s no upper limit! The game is literally for every age group! According to our knowledge so far the most senior person who played our game was 78 years old and she still had lots of fun.

We have a small baby in our family. Can he/she join us for the game?

Children under age of 6 cannot actively participate in the game, however they can be in the game space with the rest of the family members. You may even take in with you pram, baby carrier, etc. Please be aware that we have stairs in the building that makes approaching our facility complicated in case you are coming with a pram.

Are your games scary?

We do not have scary or horror themed escape rooms, all of are games are suitable for children to play.

Which of your escape room do you recommend for children?

All of our games are suitable for children to play. However, Galactic Pioneer is our most difficult game, we recommend it only for experienced players (but regardless of any age). For a larger group of children - more than 6, the best option is the battle version of the Alchemist Chamber game. The players are split into 2 teams, they play the same game and directly compete.


Are MindMaze escape games suitable for deaf groups?

We can actually modify our games to make it suitable for deaf groups as well. We recommend to choose the Alchemist’s Chamber game and please contact us directly before the game so we can prepare for your the game up-front.

Is the game suitable for people with wheel chair?

Unfortunately not. We have stairs in the building that makes approaching our facilities complicated and also the games have certain limitations.


Proposal in MindMaze escape games

We have had organize a proposal at MindMaze on multiple occasions. Maybe the Alchemist Chamber and the Nautilus has the best atmosphere to it, but if you are a sci-fi fan Galactic Pioneer can be a perfect location as well. We also had baby announcement for the family in Enigma once! If you would like to read more about it, please check out this blog post for more details. So far everyone said "yes" :) and we will gift you a bottle of prosecco to celebrate!

Hiding birthday gifts

To make the surprise bigger, we can hide any gift in our rooms as well. The size of the package should be agreed upfront but for sure, we will find a place for it!