Jim checked our escape the room games as he was planning their romantic trip to Prague with his girlfriend and secretly wrote us an email if there is any way to include the proposal and the engagement ring in the game. It was already the second time when someone had this request, so we were already prepared. We recommended him to book the Alchemist’s Chamber game – where the environment is more magical compared to the prison escape in Enigma - and asked him to come a bit earlier than their starting time scheduled for the game so we can arrange everything.

On that specific day Jim and Suzanne arrived at MindMaze 15 minutes earlier, Jim excited and Suzanne not knowing anything. We asked Jim to pay the game upfront and with this excuse we invited him to the operators’ room where the secret exchange of the ring with the Philosopher’s Stone has happened: we hid the ring in a golden box decorated with alchemist symbols and move it to its place in the game. According to the set-up this will be the aim of the game they will be working for and also the last thing they will find.

They got through a short briefing about how escape games work and few important tips for this game specifically, then they have entered the Alchemist’s Chamber where the 60 minutes challenge has started. Now they “just” needed to solve all the puzzles and brain teasers to make it till the end of the game, where the surprise was waiting! Well, we definitely would have gave them extra time or extra help just to be sure – but at the end it was not needed. At the beginning I had the feeling that Jim was a bit nervous, as he asked for help almost instantly when they started and kept on asking in the first 10 minutes. But they got caught in the idea of the game and as they cleverly progressed through they visibly had lots of fun! Using some help via the walkie-talkie they received at the beginning for communication, they got really close to the end, however they had only 10 minutes left to solve the last puzzle! “Will they make it on time? Will she say yes?” – now it was my time getting nervous about it.

They tried once, than twice to enter the last code – but it was still not the correct one, so Jim and Suzanne got back thinking. Than I have seen through the cameras when they got the correct number; you can see the enlightenment on people’s face, when they understand and solve a problem. Suzanne was running to enter the last code once again. Jim stayed a bit behind, leaving her all the space to finish the game. Suzanne got it, hit the right code, open the box and stood silently for only a second … than jumped in the neck of Jim, when she suddenly understood this was already not part of a game!

They exit the room shining and happy! She apparently said “Yes”!