Legend has it, the Philosopher's stone is still hidden in a secret chamber guarded by ancient secrets and mysterious objects - waiting to be discovered.

Get ready for a 60 minutes thrilling quest to find out if the legends are true – in the Alchemist's chamber!

1690 CZK per 2 persons 1990 CZK per 3 - 5 persons

In the 16th century, a famous alchemist Michael Sendivogius lived in Prague, patronized by the emperor Rudolf II. Alchemists were the greatest scientists of their era. They were doing research and experiments in physics, chemistry, mathematics, botany, astrology and even occultism. Sendivogius was researching the greatest secret of all time - the Philosopher's Stone that transforms any metal into precious gold.

Legend has it he succeeded to create the Philosopher's Stone but he found it too powerful to trust it to the emperor. He hid it in his secret chamber protected by all sorts of puzzles and mysteries. Only the ones who can solve all of them prove to deserve the stone and its power. Are you ready for the adventure? Be aware you have only 60 minutes! After one hour, the door may never be opened again...

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