You are on a military mission! You need to steal the submarine plans from the enemy headquarters, behind the enemy lines. To get in fast you let your team to be arrested. Interrogation begins in 60 minutes! That's your time to find the plans and escape.

A real spy can always escape! Can you?

1690 CZK per 2 persons 1990 CZK per 3 - 5 persons

It’s 1940. The war is still going on and the end of it seems no close. The intelligence services gathered from an undercover agent information about a new type of submarine to be built with a newly developed high-technology weapon. As reported the submarine blueprints are being finalized in a secret military base behind the enemy borders – reaching it with major military forces is impossible. Only a small specialized team has hope to get close enough.

You and your team volunteered to complete this secret spy mission! The plan is that you let your squad to be arrested to get in the headquarters fast! This means you all end up in a prison cell. Interrogation begins in 60 minutes! Use all your logic and creativity because that’s your time to get out of the prison, find the submarine plans and escape the room! Can you complete the mission on time?

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