Travel aboard Galactic Pioneer spacecraft to the Elpida star cluster to colonize another planet. You volunteered for an interstellar mission but something unexpected happened along the journey - the entire mission is in danger!

Join the interstellar adventure to save the mission and the future of humanity!

Earth is devastated; climate change, wars, overpopulation. Humanity will leave Earth. Soon. Within our galaxy a set of planets has been identified that may sustain human life, but all of them are thousands of lightyears away. You are part of the specialized team, to lead the Galactic Pioneer – the most technologically advanced spacecraft ever built. Humanity is ready to leave our solar system with the primary objective to colonize a habitable planet.

Thousands of selected men and women in cryogenic sleep travel across the galaxy to find a new home for human race. However, along the way something unexpected happened that endanger the entire mission! It seems, that the ship’s intelligence system alone cannot cope with the problem, so you were woken up from hibernation. Get ready for an interstellar adventure and save the mission to protect the future of humanity!

Balbínova 32, Praha 2
from 360 CZK / person