Professor Baron Emmanuel von Katzenstein und Kartoffelberg is a genius - an inventor, an adventurer, an explorer, and a madman. Very rich by the way. His letter reaches you, wherein the Professor asks for your help. Will you get to drive the submarine that the Professor used to hunt sea-monsters with? Or perhaps he wants you to continue his experiment of scientifically measuring magic? Either way, you can be sure, an adventure awaits!

Nautilus is a Jules Verne inspired escape game combining different playstyles to give you an experience of a unique adventure of steam, science, exploration, and magic. Dive into a world where the impossible becomes possible and get ready to have fun. Also, you get to drive a submarine!

IMPORTANT: The game requires English or Czech language knowledge.

Peak times are on weekends and on weekdays from 17:45 and after (with the exception of Tuesday)

Off-peak time
2090 CZK per 2 - 3 persons
2390 CZK per 4 - 6 persons
Peak time*
2290 CZK per 2 - 3 persons
2690 CZK per 4 - 6 persons

Professor Baron Emmanuel von Katzenstein und Kartoffelberg is a famous scientist, explorer, adventurer and madman. He is very rich and has a mansion full of trophies, inventions and most importantly, he also owns a submarine, called the Nautilus. Unfortunately, his enemies who want his riches managed to proclaim him insane. They used his unfinished experiments with scientifically measuring magic against him. What an insult to the imperial college of science - to claim magic exists!

You need to get to his study to learn how to repeat his experiment and prove everyone wrong! It will be difficult because the imperial tax authorities are already besieging his mansion. Only his trusty butler, who is guarding the mansion can help you sneak through the guards to the study of the professor. You can be sure, an adventure awaits that will take you to dangerous, and unexplored lands! Are you ready?

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