Enter the world of magic and wonder, where you must help a powerful sorceress known as the Archmage to reunite the pieces of a broken magical amulet. This artefact once held immense power but it broke into halves during the rivalry of two mages. The Archmage uses her half to search for knowledge and enlightenment but the other half is used for black magic and dark deeds.

Now, you must use your wits and determination to find the missing half and put the amulet back together to restore its power. Join the adventure that will test your skills and challenge your mind! Solve puzzles, find clues, and work together to complete the mission.

IMPORTANT: The game requires English or Czech language knowledge.

Peak times are on weekends and on weekdays from 18:00 and later (with the exception of Tuesday)

Off-peak time
1690 CZK per 2 - 3 persons
1990 CZK per 4 - 6 persons
Peak time*
1990 CZK per 2 - 3 persons
2190 CZK per 4 - 6 persons
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